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CNC or Computer Numerical Control technology has been around for over half a century.  After the Second World War the aerospace industry began using CNC machines to manufacture aircraft parts. The size and expense of computers in those days however, was a limiting factor. Compared to the computers of today, computers in the 40’s were enormous.

CNC technology really came into its own slightly later in the century. In 1968 John Parsons was awarded the Joseph Marie Jacquard memorial for creating some of the first computer operated machines. John is known as the godfather of CNC for his work on reliable servo controls in his APT(automatic programmed tool) programming language, created in 1958. The modern manufacturing industry would not be what it is without this breakthrough.

As machine parts became more complex, big industry began to rely more and more on the versatile and efficient CNC machines. These days you can CNC machines are not just for the giant companies, they are used in all kinds of ways, from desktop sized CNC machines used for engraving, to giant machines like the EEW Maschinenbau in Germany. This monster of CNC technology can carve a life sized house out of a single piece of material.

CNC machines come in all shapes and sizes, the basic format consists of three axels, giving you an x y and z dimensionality. These “three-axel” CNC machines can carve depth width and length in any complex design or pattern you can think of. The business end of the CNC machine is its high powered lathe, the complex system of servomechanisms position the lathe on the surface of the material in accordance with the blueprint for the design. The lathe spins, chiseling out channels and grooves in the material, leaving only the shape the designer envisioned. You can have up to five axels on a CNC machine, allowing you to carve out even the most complex parts.

CNC machines use a blueprint technology called CAD (Computer Aided Design). You can take any CAD file and run it through a CNC machine to carve out a fully realized 3D structure. The possibilities for hobbyists and small business to utilize CNC technology have never been greater than now. Machining technology can allow a small automotive workshop to create their own engine parts, engrave security details, and pretty much anything in between.

The UTV industry has benefited greatly in last few decades from the legacy of John Parsons. Due to the customizable nature of utility task vehicles, CNC machines provide the number one solution to creating customized parts. UTV’s test the strength and flexibility of their design on a day to day basis, as they are predominantly used as off road vehicles. Maintenance and improvement of UTV’s is an important part of the industry. Having the capacity to create customized parts, in-house, is a huge benefit.

As the UTV industry grows, and more people rely on the dependency and durability of UTV’s for farm work, recreation and sport. The need for high quality customized parts has increased. Looking back over the past decades, when all that was offered was an off the shelf solution, or an expensive hand tooled piece, it is easy to see the benefits that CNC technology has had on the UTV industry. These days we can provide a customized solution, manufactured in-house at a fraction of the price it used to be. CNC machining is a marvel of modern manufacturing technology and will continue be the backbone of the engineering industry well into the future.

Update* Can Am was a little late with the video, but the X3 has been revealed.


Can Am is releasing the 4 installment of the Teaser Trailer today August 15, 2016.  Lets keep our eyes peeled.....

BRP / Can Am has released the newest video of the soon to be revealed Maverick X3 and we have to say it is definitely keeping us intriguged.   The shocks look pretty great, but in typical Can Am style they do not reveal the whole picture, they leave us wanting more.  Take a look at their video here at tell us what you think.


Video Courtesy of Can Am 



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