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Last month we brought you a sport UTV shootout between the brand new 1000cc Can-Am Commander and the very popular Polaris Ranger RZRS. These are the two machines you want to look at if your are in the market for a fast well-suspended play UTV. What if you already own a UTV; should you sell it? You have spent years personalizing it with all of the latest aftermarket accessories and you can’t just give it up. We know your pain, and we realize that in any state of modification, Rhinos, Prowlers and Teryx’s are all great, but are hard to be as exciting as an RZR or Commander. Turnkey UTV out of Carson City, Nevada, proved us wrong by letting us drive their latest build a 2010 Kawasaki Teryx. At the heart of this machine is a MCX turbo kit. The kit takes the stock Teryx horsepower numbers from under 50 hp to a blistering 96 hp at 10 pounds of boost. A great feature about a turbo is that you can adjust the boost depending on your needs, and minimizing wear on the engine. The MCX-USA Teryx turbo kit proved to be a reliable source of power with minimal turbo lag. In fact, when we drove it, you could not feel any lag. Push the throttle pedal to the floor and the Teryx rockets forward to 75 mph with no problem. This kit includes everything needed for installation, including the intercooler, tubing, brackets and hardware. Professional installation is suggested, with installation times between 12-18 hours. At $4495, the MCX unit is expensive, but is comparable to other turbos and engine-work packages out there.


For added durability and performance, Turnkey UTV (TKUTV) devised a nitrous system to actually cool the intercooler as the hot intake air passes through it before it gets pushed back into the engine. They welded a small aluminum tube that has many tiny holes in it around the cooler, so when you are really working the engine hard and want to cool the system down, hit the nitrous system and frigid cold air coats the unit. Cooler air helps provide more horsepower. This intercooler kit was assembled by the staff at Turnkey UTV, and all the components required for this kit are available from Summit Racing. Assembling a nitrous intercooler kit requires an expected installation time of 3-4 hours and prices for a system like this range from $450 to $800. We wish they would come up with this same system for the water radiator, because we know they tend to get really hot when you abuse the big Vtwin. When adding horsepower, or even larger tires, to your UTV, a clutch kit is a must. For this turbo-assisted power plant, it was crucial to get a clutch that was strong enough to handle the additional horsepower—and it needed to be easy to adjust. Turnkey used a Dalton kit with their “Quick Adjust Cam Arms,” which allows you to add or subtract mass from the main body of the flyweight without removing the weight from the clutch. The setting they came up with worked flawlessly, most likely helping reduce the turbo lag effect. This Dalton kit sells for $369.


So you want to stick with a Teryx and need suspension to go with it? Turnkey outfitted their Teryx with a long travel kit from Dragon Fire Racing. This is the same kit we used on the Lucas Oil short course off-road racing Teryx that we tested a couple of years ago. Paired with a good motor package, the 6-inch over per side suspension kit provides a super plush ride at almost any speed.

For a $5600 investment, the Teryx gets 14 inches of wheel travel, much stronger arms, longer axles and even more stability. The larger Fox shocks will also take punishment much better than the stock shocks on the Teryx or any other UTV. Stock travel on the Teryx is 7.5 inches, while the RZRS and Commander have 12 and 10 inches respectively. The Dragon Fire kit also adds two inches of wheelbase, one at each end. The extra inches on all four corners allowed this Teryx to float over the bumps and rocks on our test loop. In the whoops and over the rocks, this Teryx drove much like the Commander; it stays planted on the ground and actually rarely leaves the ground.


This Teryx was outfitted with a onepiece roll cage made of .083 steel tubing. The cage also includes a spare tire carrier, aluminum roof and light bar. The roll cage also greatly increases the safety over the stock Kawasaki roll cage, which is a must when increasing the horsepower or top speed of your Teryx. Turnkey UTV’s Teryx roll cage is a direct bolton replacement, installs in under an hour and sells for $2550. For the nose of this machine, TurnKey installed one of their $450 Baja series bumpers. The bumper was designed specifically to follow the contours of the newer 2010 and 2011 hood. The unit is made from .095 steel tubing to hold up to years of bumping slower UTVs out of your way. It is a direct bolt-on stock replacement and installs in under an hour. Inside the cockpit, a pair of Beard Super TSX suspension seats provided for a much more comfortable ride over the stock Teryx seats. The TSX suspension seats ($427) increases driver safety with a high containment rating, which holds the driver in place with high side bolsters. Turnkey UTV opted for a custom color scheme and their logo embroidered in the headrests of the seats. Suspension seats are an easy installation, with minimal installation time required. Bolted on the outer corners of the real suspension components, Turnkey used ITP BajaCross tires mounted on four 14-inch Douglas Diablo wheels. TKUTV’s choice of using narrow 26x10x14 tires all the way around was the same trick we used to help UTVs (especially the Teryx) slide and corner better. It also keeps weight off of the rear tires and reduces strain on the engine. The wheel and tire kit is expensive, but it looks and works great at $260 per corner.


While you could probably buy two Polaris RZRS’ for the cost of this Teryx, we do see the value in a build such as this. You can buy components as your budget permits, and add them to your ride when the time is right. The Kawasaki Teryx is a good platform to work with and is worth holding on to if you have one, or buying one if you don’t. What Turnkey UTV did is show you that there is easy, bolt-on potential with this machine. Their build was a blast to drive and would smoke any stock RZR or Commander in both power and handling departments. Turbo kits have come a long way lately, and the MCX unit is the best we have driven. It has no noticeable lag, provides solid and, from what we saw, reliable power. It worked so well that not only would we use it on fast trails, but it carved the tighter trails too. And if you plan on heading up in altitude, a turbo will take care of the power loss you normally face. The build quality Turnkey UTV displayed on this Teryx could almost be considered art. From the construction of the front bumper and roll cage to the selection and installation of horsepower components, they know what they are doing. Another great asset of the company is that they can arrange door-to-door shipping of all parts or an entire UTV. Contact them at www.turnkeyutv.com or directly at (775) 283-9950.



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